Still Alive But on Hiatus

This site might seem rather empty to my newer blog followers, so I thought I would explain.

I had a robust blog on a different site. Shortly after my first child was born, that site had some update issues and I moved over to this site. But all of the blogs didn’t transfer.

Since then, my children have engulfed my life and I haven’t had a chance for much else. We recently moved into what will hopefully be our “forever home.” It’s in the city, but has enough land so I can have the gardens and fruit trees I’ve always wanted.

Between caring for a preschooler and a baby, while trying to unpack a house and setup a lifetime’s worth of gardens, I have no idea when I’ll return to writing. But I will. Someday.

Maybe it’s the age of my kids, or reading thousands of picture books to my oldest child over the years, but children’s books are really calling to me, and ultimately they are the original reason I wanted to be a writer. So who knows what will come out when I finally have time to write again. I will be back. But it might not be for some time.

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